Hon. Luis Raymund Villafuerte Jr.

Early life


Villafuerte was born on June 3, 1968 in Pili, Camarines Sur, to Luis Villafuerte, Sr. and Nelly Favis-Villafuerte.

Educational Life

Governor LRay, as he is commonly called, earned his bachelor's degree in Political Science at the De La Salle University and took his Executive Education from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

2001 - 2004

Hon. Luis R. Villafuerte

Inclusive Year: 2001-2004
Gubernatorial Term/s: 2001-2004 , 1998-2001 , 1995-1998, 1986-1992

Luis R. Villafuerte, Sr. (born August 29, 1935) is a Filipino elected public official. He is currently {as of May 2010} serving his third term in the House of Representatives of the Philippines representing the 3rd District of Camarines Sur, Philippines.

He is a certified plant enthusiast. For the past 16 years, he has been extensively involved in cultivating and propagating flowering plants, fruit trees and medicinal herbs. He is actively engaged in organic and eco-farming.He has been promoting organic farming in his home province of Camarines Sur, Philippines where he has served as Governor from 1986 to 1992 and 1995 to 2004. He is the incumbent Congressman of District 3 (formerly District 2) in Camarines Sur, Philippines.

1972 - 1976

Hon. Felix Alfelor

Inclusive Year: 1972-1976
Gubernatorial Term/s: 1972-1976

Became a governor of Camarines Sur; founder and president of the University of Northeastern Philippines. He was a one time mayor of Iriga and became the director of the Abaca Corporation of the Philippines. He was the chairman of the Provincial Committee of the Liberal Party of Camarines Sur.

1960 - 1967

Hon. Apolonio

Inclusive Year: 1960-1967
Gubernatorial Term/s: 1960-1967

1947 - 1951

Hon. Jose Del

Inclusive Year: 1947-1951
Gubernatorial Term/s: 1947-1951


Hon. Mariano

Inclusive Year: 1945
Gubernatorial Term/s: 1945

Nominated by President Osmeña as Camarines Sur Governor He then resigned after a year due to personal reasons and issues during his term. He then run as Senator under Liberal Party, he got the highest percent of vote in Bicol Region among the aspirant senators together with Pres. Manuel Roxas but this did not make him win the position.


Hon. Ignacio

Inclusive Year: 1941
Gubernatorial Term/s: 1941

A teacher, governor of Camarines Sur; representative of the National Assembly; museologist; scholar and historian. Meliton set up the museum of the University of Nueva Caceres and preserved many of our published works from loss and neglect.


Hon. Ramon

Inclusive Year: 19411
Gubernatorial Term/s: 1941

1934 - 1935

Hon. Julia Ocampo Jr.

Inclusive Year: 1934-1935 Gubernatorial Term/s: 1934-1935 , 1919-1922

He was twice governor of the province of Camarines Sur. A colorful figure and powerful political leader, he became the center of political activity after the death of Tomas Arejola.

1922 - 1928

Hon. Manuel

Inclusive Year: 1922-1928
Gubernatorial Term/s: 1922-1928, 1916-1918


Hon. Jose Fuentebella

Inclusive Year: 1916
Gubernatorial Term/s: 1916

Considered as the Grand Old Man of Bikol Politics , he served the Philippine Government for more than 60 years as a congressman, senator, governor, Commissioner of the 5th Administrative District and ambassador to Indonesia. Jose Fuentebella was the only Bikol elected as member of the National Executive Council of the Nationalista Party; president of theLiga Regional Bicoliana founder of the Nacionalista Party in Bikol & president of the Bikol Bloc.

1906 - 1909

Hon. Mariano Abella

Inclusive Year: 1906-1909
Gubernatorial Term/s: 1906-1909

He was the Governor of Camarines Sur during the American Occupation



Hon. Jose M. Bulaong

Inclusive Year: 1992-1995
Gubernatorial Term/s: 1992-1995

A Doctor raised and born in Libmanan Camarines Sur.

1976 - 1986

Hon. Felix A. Fuentebella

Inclusive Year: 1976-1986
Gubernatorial Term/s: 1976-1986

One of the longest termer public official in the province, become a House Representative for 20 years from 1953 to 1972. Son of Mariano Fuentebella, brother of Jose and Manuel, all of them served as Camarines Sur Governor. He Married Rita Palma, their son Arnulfo Fuentebella also hold a position as Congressman in 3rd District from 1992–2001 and 2004-2008 in 3rd District Camarines Sur.

1968 - 1971

Hon. Armando

Inclusive Year: 1968-1971
Gubernatorial Term/s: 1968-1971

1952 - 1959

Hon. Juan F.

Inclusive Year: 1952-1959
Gubernatorial Term/s: 1952-1959

Founder of Balalong Newspaper in 1975 and Academiang Bicol, one of the proponent to Established Nueva Caceres College now University of Nueva Caceres.

1960 - 1967

Hon. Gabriel

Inclusive Year: 1946-1947
Gubernatorial Term/s: 1947-1951 , 1936-1937
Lawyer; governor of Camarines Sur and Public Service Commission.

1942 - 1943

Hon. Mariano

nclusive Year: 1942-1943
Gubernatorial Term/s: 1942-1943

Orator, became a Congressman for two consecutive terms and a Governor during the Japanese Period.
Father of 2nd District Congressman Luis R. Villafuerte and grandfather of the incumbent Governor, Hon. Luis Raymund F. Villafuerte, Jr.


Hon. Manuel
Del Gallego

Inclusive Year: 1941
Gubernatorial Term/s: 1941
One of the youngest governors of Camarines Sur.


Hon. Gerardo Cea

Inclusive Year: 1935-1936
Gubernatorial Term/s: 1935-1936
Mayor of Tigaon from 1923 to 1926 and a member of Provincial Administration of Gov. Ramon Felipe Sr.

1928 - 1934

Hon. Julian Ocampo

Inclusive Year: 1928-1934
Gubernatorial Term/s: 1928-1934

Camarines Sur Deputy for two term (1922 – 25 and 1925 - 1928) , again for two consecutive term as Governor (1928-31, and 1931-34). Floor Leader of Partido Democrat in the Senate before he became a Translator and Proofreader in Sumpreme Court.


Hon. Andres

Inclusive Year: 1919
Gubernatorial Term/s: 1919

He was decreed to become a member of the revolutionary government founded by Pres. Emilio Aguinaldo in June 23, 1989. An Organization aiming to negotiate with the American during its treaty with the Spanish regarding the disposition of the Philippines. He was the father of Mariano Garchitorena who also becomes a Governor of Camarines Sur.

1912 - 1916

Hon. Mariano

Inclusive Year: 1912-1916
Gubernatorial Term/s: 1912-1916

1910 - 1912

Hon. Mariano Perfecto

Inclusive Year: 1910-1912
Gubernatorial Term/s: 1910-1912

Considered as the Father of Bicol and Visayan litrerature, Founder of the An Parabareta (The Newscaster) in 1899 – 1900 the First Bicol Newspaper.
Born in Ligao Albay, during his time, He was well known for printing, drama and Literature using Bicol and Hiligaynon dialect.

1903 - 1906

Hon. Juan

Inclusive Year: 1903-1906
Gubernatorial Term/s: 1903-1906

Hon. George Curry.

Inclusive Year: 1901
Gubernatorial Term/s: 1901

An American, Born in West Felicia Parish, Louisiana. The First Camarines Sur Governor during the American Occupation in the Philippines, his term lasted for almost a year. He was the Lieutenant of the 1st US Volunteer Calvary during the American - Spanish war. After His tenure, he was sent back to Manila to become the chief of Police. He then resigns from his position to establish the Camarines Mercantile Company. Thus a Barangay in Pili was name after him Barangay Curry, the place where Camarines Mercantile was built and founded.